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Water is one of the essential natural resources and, along with air, land and energy, is one of the four basic resources that support development.

Water is the most abundant chemical compound on the planet and is crucial for the development of life. Pure water is a renewable resource. However, it can become so contaminated by human activity that it is no longer useful but harmful owing to its poor quality.

Water quality has become important and we now are aware of the factors or agents that cause water pollution, as: pathogens, wastes requiring oxygen, inorganic and organic chemicals, plant nutrients that cause the excessive growth of aquatic plants, sediments or suspended material, radioactive substances and heat.

Water pollution is the degree of contamination, which can cause adverse health effects to a representative number of people during foreseeable periods of time. Water is considered to be polluted when it can no longer be used for the purpose it was intended for, in its natural state or when the chemical, physical, biological properties and/or the composition of the water are altered. Decontaminating water is therefore essential to restore its purity and to make it suitable for human use.

Water Treatment

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