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All Bascotecnia Group companies have the following common factors:

  • SME.
  • Full operational independence and autonomy.
  • Highly specialised in their sector of activity.
  • Proprietors of their technology, manufacturing and research processes.
  • Benchmarks in their sector.

Thus, the collective intervention in Bascotecnia Group allows:

  • Creation of synergies.
  • Comprehensive and guaranteed responses.
  • Optimisation of customer costs.
  • Comprehensive coordination.
  • The improvement in the service quality towards the customer.
  • Guaranteed commitment and closeness.

In the international playing field, these companies working individually would be unable to ensure the full implementation of their projects, meanwhile working as production units within the Bascotecnia Group, it is the group who assumes the total responsibility towards the client through its parent company Bascotecnia S.A.

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