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Bascotecnia Group was established in 1976 in San Sebastian, as an initiative of a group of entrepreneurs from the iron and steel industry. Their purpose was to combine efforts in order to expand to the international market with higher security and better resources.

The Bascotecnia Group felt the need to diversify their activities, on account of the large customer portofolio and the growing number of industrial facilities across all continents. This resulted in the setting up of new companies in the group and the establishment of strong partnerships across sectors and countries.

Today Bascotecnia Group is a consortium of SMEs specialised in several industrial sectors with a strong international mission, united to provide solutions to their customers throughout all the world.

Over 30 years experience in international trade, the undertaking of all kinds of complex projects and the flexibility of the companies of our group, make us the ideal partner for those customers willing to carry out an industrial project with absolute guarantee.

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