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The necessary increase in agricultural production should be achieved with the same resources.

Food production is one of the major problems that the world’s population will face in the short term. The world has about 6,700 million people and the production food will have to increase at the same rate as population growth. The increase is so drastic that the amount of food that needs to be produced over the next 50 years will equal the total food production in the history of mankind.

Human beings must face the problem of the reduction of soil and water resources as well as the fundamental task of preserving the environment so that future generations have a world capable of sustaining life as we know it today. This is an immense challenge, as we do not have new reserve areas to set up more agricultural fields.

Developing countries must be provided with food security in order to ensure the supply for future generations.

Our projects provide solutions to the problems arising from the volatility of prices in agricultural commodities by enabling our clients to save on foreign currency and generating jobs in the production, processing, distribution and marketing processes of agricultural products.


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